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Welcome at Carambas, your car company!

What can we do for you?


Do you want to sell a car? We are always on the lookout for Dutch quality cars! By quality we understand young (former lease) cars which are well maintenance. Contact us in order to discuss the possibilities so that we make reasonable agreements.


Do you want to buy a car at the best quality price? See our offer and/or contact us. We ensure such sound cars of valuable quality. This way you, the driver, can be on your way fast, comfortably and safely!


When it comes to buying and selling cars, we help you gladly with all the issues involved. This means that a Carambas car is arranged fast and it is completely ready for use. No nonsense.

Buying and selling cars is in our blood. That’s where our name comes from: Car-Aram-Bas.

- Aram de Jong & Bas Vos

Who are we?

Nice meeting you. We are Aram and Bas and we are good at buying and selling cars. Obviously, this is where our name Carambas comes from! It is no coincidence that both the word ‘car’ and our names fit so well in your brand name. Experience it yourself!

Both of us have long experience in the automotive business, which has interested us since we were teenagers. Our innovative ideas deserve, together with the manner in which we collaborate, a podium of their own. That is why we are very happy to introduce Carambas to you.

“If not now,
  then when?”

“Hard work beats
  talent every time.”

“Follow your heart.”

Way of working

Carambas is a wholesaler and it has a large network for purchases. Beside this we are a very driven partner when it comes to selling. We gladly offer service to our client throughout the whole purchase trajectory. Helping with all the issues involved is in our genes. We want to make the automotive world more trusted and more transparent. In order to do this we change borders and we bring together buyers and sellers from all over Europe. By listening carefully, we are always capable of tuning the request with the offer.

We arrange everything for you. This way export is no longer complicated and the buyer can enjoy his/her car soon. Learn about our “Ready2Go” concept.

Reservation of a car is possible only upon down payment by bank of a minimum amount of € 500,-

Carambas B.V. will not accept cash payments.


Chamber of Commerce     82374015

Grafschafter Volksbank     IBAN: DE32 2806 9956 5015 8708 00 | BIC: GENODEF1NEV

Bunq Bank     IBAN: NL19 BUNQ 2100 8828 56 | BIC: BUNQNL2AXXX

Oldenzaal (NL) | 10 km from the German border

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport 150 km away
Eindhoven Airport 120 km away
Dortmund Airport 100 km away

Contact us for the export costs to your country.

 +31 (0)541 – 2171 00

We ensure passionately that we can offer you the best vehicles at the best prices and conditions. This way you get more car for your investment. Our offer consists mainly of young cars which come back from leasing. As we are not a large company, we can secure quality.


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